Hello guys, hope you all are doing good. So today I come up with such a sensitive topic. Hope this will help you in your life and you enjoy reading it. Understanding… meaning!?! 🤔 If you search it on google or any other search engines than it will say: Comprehension, Interpretation, Judgement, Assumption, Conviction, Agreement, … More Understanding


So what is truth? Is there any absolute truth in the world? The answer is absolutely NO. There is nothing like absolute or 100 percent truth in the world as far as I know. Truth is normally vary with person to person. It depends on every person’s belief and thoughts. As for one person, this … More Truth


Don’t become selfish…I repeat again just don’t. So yeah, what do you mean by being selfish!?! Become a selfish is when you don’t care about anyone, when you only care about you only you, when your life is so much precious that anyone’s life doesn’t matter for you, when you can do anything for your … More Selfishness


Such a strong word… isn’t it!?! When you have a strong feeling of not liking someone or something. From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate. Socrates This is what people are saying that: Love is hard but to hate someone is so simple. you have to just do is not accepting anything related … More Hate


Just a four words,Love… isnt it!?! So what do you mean by love?! What do you understand? How can you define love? Okay so can you define it, Can you define Love… Obviously not, right. How can you define something that you feel, How can you define emotions… So guys here I’m to tell u … More LOVE